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Sarona thanks its founder for many years of service

Gerhard Pries

Gerhard Pries, our Founder and Managing Partner for the last dozen years, has announced his retirement from his executive role at Sarona. Gerhard will remain as Chair of the Board and member of the Sarona Investment Committee, while his long-time colleague, Serge LeVert-Chiasson, assumes the role of Managing Partner.

Gerhard’s whole career focus has been private equity investing in emerging markets, with a commitment to both strong financial returns and positive social and environmental impact. As a visionary impact investing leader, Gerhard has also guided other organizations as founder or director, including MEDA Investments, MicroVest Capital Management, Grand Challenges Canada, and ImpactAssets.

During his tenure at Sarona, Gerhard promoted the well-being of our team, which built investment vehicles that delivered strong financial returns and created deep and lasting impact in emerging markets. Gerhard will continue his work to promote business solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. He is a sought-after speaker, addressing the topic of investing to build healthy new economies that deliver prosperity for all. In many speaking engagements at the UN and its agencies, he has sought to build bridges of trust between the public sector and private sector, believing passionately that the world needs an integrated public/private approach to address today’s SDG challenges.

We thank Gerhard for his leadership and wish him well in his ongoing work of investing and building a better world.

-Sarona Asset Management

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