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Our expertise is private investments in emerging markets

It was in 1953 that our forebears sowed the seeds of Sarona, investing in Sarona Dairies, Fortuna Shoes and other small businesses in South America. They soon expanded their portfolio to sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Throughout the many changes and reinventions that have defined our 67-year history, including the 10 years since the birth of the modern Sarona Asset Management, two things have remained constant: a) we have always been wholly focused on emerging markets; and b) we have always striven for a clear double vision: strong financial returns and social/environmental impact.

For our investors, we are the bridge to an investment opportunity that they can’t otherwise access. And that opportunity is tremendous: it took over 250 years for one billion of us to move from poverty to middle class, but it will take only 40 years for the next three billion people to make that same transition. And those people are all in emerging markets. Think of it as a massive global disruption – people are moving from informal subsistence farming to formal jobs and double income families, from $1/day to $10/day and $50/day. The transition empowers families – and the first thing they do with that new power is buy education for their children, healthcare for the family and protein for the plate. But the disruption doesn’t end there – the rising middle class is quickly urbanising, it increasingly values women as equal, and it is concerned about the sustainability of future generations.

This is the transition that we invest in. We invest in businesses that serve this rising middle class. Our capital empowers small to mid-market businesses to become national, regional and global champions – financially, socially and environmentally. We’ll help them get there.

We are stewards of our investors’ capital. And we do only one thing: invest in private companies in emerging markets that support this massive global disruption.

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