Vivina Berla to adjudicate the first ‘European Women in Private Equity Awards’

Vivina Berla, Co-Managing Partner at Sarona Asset Management, will be one of 23 high profile judges at the first ‘European Women in Private Equity Awards’ (WIPE) in London on 12 November*. Vivina is a prime example of female leadership in private equity and a role model for women considering a career in the sector. Before joining Sarona in 2011 and becoming a co-managing partner in 2015, Vivina spent 20 years in the institutional investment world, of which 11 included private equity.

When it comes to leadership, private equity is still largely a male domain. According to Preqin, women fill only 12% of the leading roles in the global private equity sector – the same proportion as female senior employees across all industries in Europe. This under-representation remains an issue acknowledged by the industry, and organisations across the world continue pushing for change.

By highlighting the success of exemplary women leaders, the European WIPE awards are designed to entice more women to consider a career in private equity and to encourage companies to hire and promote more female employees.

Sarona, a private investment firm deploying growth capital in frontier and emerging markets, has a long history of investing in small to mid-market companies and applying progressive values in those businesses. Encouraging gender diversity in the workplace and on company boards is one of Sarona’s main objectives. “Investing in women leaders is a key contributor to business success” says Vivina Berla. “We encourage our fund managers and investee companies to embrace diversity, as it makes companies stronger.”

Given the low number of women in private equity, it is clear that the industry has room for growth. “I am excited to see that the sector is finally realising the importance of female leaders. Bringing greater awareness to the positive effects of gender diversity and helping grow female talent are causes that I will proudly stand for” concludes Mrs Berla.

Picture: Vivina Berla, Co-Managing Partner at Sarona Asset Management, in the Amsterdam office

*New date