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Sarona Asset Management and Accial Capital Management launch joint fintech investment strategy for emerging markets

Sarona Asset Management and Accial Capital Management are pleased to formally announce the launch of a joint fintech investment strategy for emerging markets.

Sarona Asset Management and Accial Capital Management

Sarona and Accial have partnered on several investments in fintech lenders over the last few years. Building on that foundation, the joint strategy aims to benefit from the key strengths of both firms, combining Accial’s industry-leading experience in credit data, risk analytics and portfolio performance data, with Sarona’s deep private equity and private debt experience across emerging markets.

The Sarona Accial private debt strategy will lend directly to fintech institutions in emerging markets, therewith supplying much needed operating capital to MSMEs with a special focus on financial inclusion of women.

Paulus Ingram, Co-Managing Partner at Sarona, comments: “It is great to partner with Accial to bring long lasting positive change to women and societies. Covid-19 has been described as a gendered pandemic, where women and girls have been disproportionately affected by the economic and social fallout, particularly owing to the exacerbation of pre-existing structural inequalities and gender norms. Our impact approach tilted towards women’s empowerment specifically addresses this imbalance.”

Deborah de Rooij, Managing Director of Private Debt at Sarona, adds: “At Sarona, we are committed to creating deep and lasting impact combined with strong risk adjusted financial returns. Identifying and managing risks when investing in emerging markets is critical. As fixed income investors, we are particularly focused on downside protection. We seek to structure our investments with strong collateral packages, control over cash flow, first loss mechanisms and other structural safeguards.”

Jared Miller, CEO of Accial, says: “Accial’s founding inspiration is to use modern approaches to data and technology combined with classic approaches to credit analysis and legal structures, to facilitate the flow of capital to deserving MSMEs in emerging markets. Sarona is a leader in emerging market impact investing and we are excited to partner to increase the impact both firms can have on financial inclusion and wellness across emerging markets.”

The Sarona Accial team will focus first on building its portfolio in Asia and Latin America, followed later by Africa.

Paulus Ingram: pingram@saronafund.com

Jared Miller: jared.miller@accialcapital.com

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