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2018 Annual Values Report: Delivering Prosperity for All

Today, Sarona is pleased to release its 2018 Annual Values Report.

It is Sarona’s belief that in applying ethical, social and environmental values to each investment decision, we build a better world for the current generation and future ones. Sarona’s core beliefs and values, through our global investment activities, give rise to significant developmental impact. This is why, each year, we publish our Annual Values Report, in which not only do we recount the preceding year’s impact, but we also describe how we are working to change hearts and minds – while creating Growth that Matters.


This annual publication is the culmination of months of quantitative and qualitative data gathering from more than 200 of our portfolio companies across more than 50 countries in Frontier and Emerging Markets. The report includes 11 case studies that provide a window into how our capital is creating impact on the ground across multiple sectors and geographies.

“We have no right to profit until we have created prosperity for all – for today’s generation and future generations.”

Our investments continue to generate economic opportunities and improve lives in local communities. In 2017, Sarona’s portfolio companies employed over 154,000 people, 36% of whom were women in full-time positions; the vast majority of the companies provide high-quality jobs, benefits and working conditions. 136 million clients benefitted from our companies’ activities. 100% of the companies are in full compliance with local labour, tax and environmental regulations and two-thirds of the companies have an official policy documenting their commitment to the environment.

Our values continue to drive us in Delivering Prosperity for All – for the current generation and future ones – and we remain grateful for your continuing support in this shared ambition.

Sarona Asset Management, a global pioneer in impact investing, is dedicated to generating competitive financial returns alongside positive social and environmental outcomes. Our firm’s investment strategies focuses on fostering sustainable development by partnering with local entrepreneurs operating high-growth businesses in emerging markets that generate attractive returns for our investors while contributing positively to their communities. Our goals include empowering women, protecting nature, creating and enhancing employment opportunities, improving governance, and building strong communities.

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