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2019 Annual Values Report: Value-Driven Leadership for Collaboration

We are delighted to launch our 2019 Annual Values Report, which is now available for download. The report is a comprehensive assessment of the progress we are making toward achieving impact. We are encouraged by our findings—Sarona is making a difference.

In this year’s report, we consider our impact through a lens of collaboration. Sarona remains committed to leading with our values and collaborating with friends and partners toward broad, enduring impact. We look forward to more collaboration, more impact and more shared success in the years to come.

This annual publication is the culmination of months of quantitative and qualitative data gathering from more than 200 of our portfolio companies across more than 50 countries in emerging markets. The report includes six case studies that provide a window into how our capital is creating impact on the ground across multiple sectors and geographies.

Our investments continue to generate economic opportunities and improve lives in local communities. In 2018, Sarona’s portfolio companies employed over 187,000 people, 33% of whom were women in full-time positions; the vast majority of the companies provide high-quality jobs, benefits and working conditions. 211 million clients benefitted from our companies’ activities. $573mm in corporate taxes were paid by the companies, sustaining local government services.

Download the report

Download a Snapshot Summary of our Six Overall Impact Objectives

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