Sarona Annual Values Report: What is our impact?

Read our 2019 Annual Values Report

We believe that applying ethical, social and environmental values to each investment decision builds a better world and helps us generate attractive returns for our investors.

We strive to influence the investment industry to incorporate best practices and work with fund managers and investee companies to improve their Environmental, Social, Governance & Impact (ESG&I) performance. To report on our progress, since 2012, we have been publishing an annual Values Report.

In our 2019 Values Report, we consolidated the data on 22 IRIS metrics, measuring the impact of over 200 of our portfolio companies across more than 50 countries in growth markets. We also included 6 case studies that provide a window into how our capital is creating impact on the ground.

Some highlights of Sarona’s impact in 2018:

  • Our portfolio companies employed 187,000+ people, over 1/3 were women in full-time roles; the vast majority of the companies provide high-quality jobs, benefits and working conditions
  • Our portfolio companies created 17,000 jobs during the year

  • 94% of employees at our portfolio companies receive health insurance or maternity/paternity leave

  • 211 million clients benefitted from our companies’ activities (up from 136 million in 2017)