Innovation through collaboration

Throughout its history, Sarona created innovative products and solutions by working with a variety of partners:

2010 : Sarona Frontier Markets Fund 1 – the first open-ended Impact Investing diversified fund portfolio

2013 : Sarona Global Growth Markets PE Fund 1 – Blended Finance delivered (read more)

2019 :  Sarona Global Growth Markets PE Fund 2– Targeting scale to achieve greater impact

Partner funds

Sarona invests growth capital in small to mid-market companies through locally-based fund managers. We see these fund managers as our local partners and engage with them frequently to identify both opportunities to improve financial performance as well as positive environmental and social outcomes. The fund managers who become Sarona’s partners share our values and desire to improve. The emphasis on environmental, social, governance and impact (ESGI) criteria has been growing for decades and it is now a swelling tide.

Government agencies support

Our progressive social and environmental focus helped us secure support from Global Affairs Canada and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC, a US government agency). OPIC is supporting one of our funds with cost-effective leverage while the Canadian government has provided equity capital to act as a first-loss protection for other investors in the same fund. Thanks to such collaborations, Sarona has become one of the leading actors in a new financing tool known as “blended finance”.

Development Financial Institutions (DFI)

Sarona invests alongside most DFIs around the world. Together we are able to increase the quantity and quality of support we offer to particular funds creating more financially attractive, high-quality investment opportunities. The ultimate goal is to catalyse private capital into investments that may not be appealing without the participation of public supply.

Industry associations

Sarona partners with industry associations such as B Lab and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), of which we are members of the Investors’ Council.

Sarona adopted the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).  We implement the Principles in the way we make our investment decisions and select and monitor our managers.  We also support the adoption of the Principles among our GPs and welcome industry collaboration to further promote the incorporation of environmental, social and governance issues.  As part of our commitment to the Principles we report annually on our progress.  For more information, please download Sarona’s latest PRI Transparency Report.