Private Equity – Sarona Global Growth Markets PE Funds

Sarona invests in mid-market companies in partnership with local private equity firms across the Global Growth Markets –Asia, Africa, Latin Americaand Emerging Europe. We seek to deliver strong risk-adjusted financial returns and strong social and environmental impact.

Key elements of our investment strategy

  • Capturing growth: We invest in the growth-stage companies that serve middle class consumers across emerging markets. Therising middle class drives demand for quality goods and services at affordable prices –in education, healthcare, financial services and consumer goods. Access to these growth sectors is best be achieved through private investments.
  • Active investing:Sarona endeavors to know all private equity firms in emerging markets, forging partnerships with the best of these firms to actively build profitable, mid-market companies.
  • Delivering impact: Sarona works with local private equity partners to change thinking and implement impactful strategies in portfolio companies. Gender equality and climate action are key.
  • Low correlation: Investments offer low correlation to developed market equities and are highly diversifying for most portfolios. Sector and geographic diversification hedges against idiosyncratic risks.
  • Improved economics: A blend of direct investments and fund investments delivers highly diversified portfolios with a management fee structure that rivals that of traditional private equity funds.
  • Investor partnerships:Some Sarona funds have secured partnerships with OPIC/USDFC, which are designed to boost LP returns

Our Funds:

Sarona Global Growth Markets PE Fund 1 LP, closed-end, fully invested

Sarona Global Growth Markets PE Fund 2 LP, closed-end, investing