Sarona - Growth that Matters


A short presentation about Sarona.

Healthvista, India


Healthvista is India’s largest technology-enabled home healthcare company that provides world class healthcare at affordable prices from clinician logistics to capturing patient health records, from forcing clinical protocols to providing real-time patient information to referring physician.

Diabetomics, India


Diabetomics is a medical device company which has developed a novel patented product for diabetes detection which is non-invasive, convenient to use and cost-effective. According to the International Diabetes Federation, by 2030, 9% of India’s population is likely to be affected by diabetes.

Mareauto AVIS, Colombia

Mareauto Avis

In partnership with MEDA, Mareauto AVIS Colombia, a vehicle renting company, is making strides in environmental responsibility through innovative technology – specialized oil filters – that eliminate the need for oil changes.

Rayco, Colombia


Rayco is a Colombian retailer focused on the sale and financing of appliances and domestic goods. In partnership with MEDA, the company launched an agricultural tool business line for rural farmers and laborers, allowing them to access more efficient tools and equipment and improving working conditions and income levels.

Vitalait, Tunisia


Vitalait is the second largest producer of dairy products in Tunisia. The fund manager assisted the company in implementing an innovative distribution channel linking 250 self-employed entrepreneurs as distributors of Vitalait helping them achieve an 80% penetration rate in Tunisia.

Swadhaar Microfinance, India


A documentary on the investment opportunity in India and the ability of these investments to change peoples’ lives.