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Sarona tackling FX risk in F&EM

Fear is a strange thing – never more so than for private equity investing in emerging markets.  Investors fear what they don’t know, and local currency risk is a big unknown.  With nearly 75% of F&EM PE funds being denominated… Read more

Sarona has many good news to share

It is still early days, but we are pleased with the investment pace and delighted with the results achieved so far, especially in view of the considerable headwinds the portfolio has faced from the strong US Dollar. Recently, we have… Read more

Marina Leytes joins Sarona Asset Management

Kitchener, Canada & Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 09 May 2017   Sarona Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has appointed Marina Leytes as European Head of Investor Relations, Business Development and ESG & Impact.  She has already started… Read more

Sarona in the Trump Era: Steady as She Goes

Only a few more days and President-Elect Trump will be President Trump. While many may have significant reservations about the impending “Trump effect”, we believe that it will prove to be less pronounced than many investors fear. Please do read… Read more

Sarona: A private investment firm with a heart

John Hoffmire, Director at SaÏd Business School at Oxford University, writes about Sarona’s unique investment approach targeting high financial returns based on ethical, social and environmental values. Read the full article here. Read more