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Final Report of FX risk mitigation initiative

Currency risk is a persistent problem in emerging market private equity. The fear of precipitous currency loss keeps billions of private equity dollars firmly on the sidelines – capital that could otherwise play a game-changing role in promoting sustainable growth… Read more

Announcing Sarona’s 2017 Values Report

We believe that applying ethical, social and environmental values to each investment decision builds a better world and helps us generate attractive returns for our investors. We strive to influence the investment industry to incorporate best practices and work with… Read more

Sarona signs the Stockholm Declaration

The investment community, including large institutional investors, is increasingly adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for sustainable investing. According to a recent report, the SDGs present a $12 trillion investment opportunity.  However,  for the capital to… Read more

Sarona tackling FX risk in F&EM

Fear is a strange thing – never more so than for private equity investing in emerging markets.  Investors fear what they don’t know, and local currency risk is a big unknown.  With nearly 75% of F&EM PE funds being denominated… Read more

Sarona has many good news to share

It is still early days, but we are pleased with the investment pace and delighted with the results achieved so far, especially in view of the considerable headwinds the portfolio has faced from the strong US Dollar. Recently, we have… Read more