Our strategy

Sarona is a private investment firm, deploying growth capital to expansion-stage companies in Global Growth Markets. Through our primary strategy of investing in local funds, we seek to build companies that deliver high risk-adjusted returns while promoting positive ethical, social, and environmental values. We aim to carefully select only those local managers who are able to demonstrate that they add real strategic and operational value to the companies they invest in. With the right partners and strategy, growing highly successful and profitable companies can have a significant developmental impact. This is what drives us: building a diversified portfolio of funds and companies to deliver growth that matters.

Geographical focus

We generally focus on countries defined by the World Bank as low and middle income.  These are countries with a GNI per capita below $13,000 and have a great need for development capital.  According to HSBC Global Economics (2012), these markets are expected to grow almost three times faster than developed markets between 2009 and 2030.


We seek opportunities in sectors that are set to benefit from the rapidly rising middle class within growth markets. These sectors include: information and communication technology, education, healthcare, financial services, transportation and logistics, light manufacturing, and consumer goods.

Investment style

We believe that small to mid-market companies, in their expansion stage, represent one of the best risk-adjusted opportunities within these fast-growing markets. We believe private equity provides the best access to these sectors.


We partner with “main street” feet-on-the-ground managers who have demonstrated their ability to add operational value to the companies in which we invest.


A broad allocation across countries, sectors to direct co-investments, secondaries, and across primary fund vintages ensures diversification across multiple dimensions.