Sarona is a bridge between private asset owners and Global Growth Markets

Sarona’s vision is to be a leader in an industry where private capital is deployed to stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth while having a significant positive impact on social communities and the environment. Sarona’s objective is to catalyse significant amounts of private capital to facilitate growth opportunities for private equity teams and companies based in Global Growth Markets.

We believe that grants, donations and philanthropic solutions are appropriate and invaluable in specific cases. However, well-thought-out and professional capital markets solutions can solve large and entrenched social and economic problems.

Sarona sees itself as a bridge between private capital markets and the increasingly important entrepreneurial sector in growth economies. There is a direct correlation between the growth of the low and middle classes and the profitable business opportunities for local entrepreneurs and service providers. We estimate that 60-85% of the capital raised currently by private equity in our target markets comes from development finance institutions (“DFIs”) and international financial institutions (“IFIs”). Relatively little international private capital has had access to this growing and profitable segment of these markets.

Sarona closes this gap by bringing such investment opportunities to private investors using a thoughtful and diversified investment strategy.