Sarona is a young company with a rich history. We trace our roots back to 1953 when a group of business people formed a private investment company to invest in Sarona Dairy in South America.

The Sarona Dairy investment was different from other investments. It aimed to generate financial returns, but it was meant to do more than that. The investment was intended to stimulate the development of the struggling local economy. This combination of sound investment principles and social values paid off. The community flourished and the investment itself ultimately spawned an industry that served 70% of Paraguay’s dairy market.

Over time, the original private investment company became an international development organisation called MEDA (Menonite Economic Development Associates). In 2010, Sarona Asset Management spun out of MEDA, through a management buy-out, to become a privately-owned, independent investment firm. This decision was driven by the desire to build a more scalable business and, today, Sarona is an institutional-quality investment firm with its management team’s interests fully aligned to that of its investors, and with MEDA retaining a 10% stake in the company. The objective however remains the same: to deliver capital to entrepreneurs in under-served markets and help them develop their companies and their communities profitably and sustainably.