Sarona invests $750,000 in Khyati Foods Limited

Sarona Asset Management today announced an investment in Khyati Foods Limited. The investment was made alongside its private equity partner, SEAF Agribusiness India Fund.

Khyati Foods, based in Mumbai India, processes organic cotton and soybeans, primarily for export to Europe and North America. Khyati is unique in that it purchases its products from 10,000 certified-organic smallholder farmers in India. The company has successfully established a farmer training and certification system to ensure that farmers can easily move through the three-year certification process and deliver consistently high quality products to Khyati. The farmers benefit from both increased output volumes and higher pricing for their products. Sarona’s investment will enable Khyati to expand both its processing facilities and the range of products it works with.

Sarona is pleased with its investment in Khyati Foods because it helps build up a strong and growing company, while generating solid financial returns for its investors. Investing with top-quartile return targets, along with positive community benefits is at the core of Sarona’s vision. Sarona is also pleased with this investment because it complements its portfolio of private equity funds in frontier and emerging markets around the world. Investing directly into companies such as Khyati enhances Sarona’s projected return to its investors.